Condemned Memories

Originally written, July 18

I saw a rundown house yesterday…

Shattered windows-
Boarded, to keep intruders out.
There was yellow-brown grass,
Showcasing years of neglect.
&what was left of its trim…
Exposed peeling paint,
Vacating the wood once adhered to.

I noticed each brick &their showcased cracks;
Patched, with attempts to secure the walls.
Showed no lack of effort to keep the house standing…

But on the door- a piece of paper.
Barely legible, weathered.
“Condemned,” it looked to have read.
Barely passable for what used to be a house;
A dwelling to be loved &cared for.

Lastly, I saw the fence; chain link.
Noticed its open gate, enticing me to explore.

Rusted hinges, creaking in the breeze that chilled me to the core.
A twinge of unease crept up my spine,

Reminding me that danger resides beyond the unknown…
So I fastened the latch-

Protecting future curious minds from discovering truth.

Fear overwhelming, I lowered my head &scurried away.

FI: Jerry Uelsmann, Untitled 1982

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