Poetic Confession: Burning Down the House

Walls- never seemed so interesting
As they appeared that dreary day.
Onlookers stare- but nothing’s there-
Just my mind losing its will.

Alone, I sat pretending
Though pages were left unturned.
Tormented by my crowded mind
I pleaded with life for mercy.

Moving Bodies- such commotion;
Their smiles provoking my motive.
I knew to make my leave,
Before my choice was altered.

My room, where thoughts would fester,
Rooting demons to the soul.
Drawing on my essence while-
Kindling my destruction.

Depression converted to sorrow;
Happiness became morose.
Extinguishing my sense of self,
My ashes smouldered within.

Ruminant thoughts: a flame.
Burning as it reaches the roots.
The pangs tore me asunder,
Setting my spirit ablaze.

Much to my surprise,
The flames burned root instead.
Proving I was stronger,
Than the voices in my head.

Header: Gemma Johnson

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