Confession: Red

Little Red Riding Hood has always been my favourite Fable; I believe it tells a tale of bravery. A show of a tenacious child &the power of love. I fear generally everything, courtesy of my Anxiety, so the idea that a child- someone often told they’re too…- insert generally inappropriate reason for inadequacy here- it seemed unimaginable &I envied her. As someone who’s struggled personally with this, it makes me ashamed of myself for my differences.

Mental Illness strikes at inappropriate times; &we believe it’s an inconvenience. Whether you are the sufferer: who tried desperately to belong in the world; or a friend who “understands but has never been there,” you should never feel guilty. We aren’t here just to watch the seasons change. We all fall down, to climb back up.

Feeling like what’s the point, just a lot of mixed emotions. *sigh* This could be the last post for a while. The brain fog makes it hard to think.

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