Poetic Confession: When It Began

There is something I have held inside-
An Instance in time so divine.
The moment my end would begin-
A string of seconds, not just mine.

No soul, no sound could penetrate,
Connected; seemed forever-
Beings connected-  a crowded room.
None could know, my heart would sever.

An accident- never a mistake,
Our dance, a cherished memory.
Asunder, I would tear for you-
For two; polyamory.

Opened henceforth: disaster.
Unrequited love: indentation.
Perverted friendship; loneliness.
Voices: loud, angry – depression.

Lines blurred, fermented liquid pain,
Uttered these words, best left unsaid-
Conflict created, both aware.
Hate requited, better off dead.

Remains, despite debauchery.
Tears spilling, unworthy for you.
Arms open; waiting for me.
Run!- Protection from me, I knew.

Strong enough to save your soul-
Latched on once, to save myself,
Devoured your love for me…
Letting pain speak for itself.

Sorry: no words could compensate.
To the degree in which, I-
Dragged you down, hiding a lie.
That I wasn’t meant to die.

Soulless roaming here alone,
Dare not, speak – of what ‘ must do.
Free from my destructive grasps-
A dream of you, to be my last.

Header: Acrylic Painting

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