Reckoning: Emerging a Caustic of a Wanderer

It started with a feeling, an illusion of mind;
Clouding – bringing forth a sensation; decay.
Felt by many, yet, never aptly defined.

Predator: stalking, watching, waiting for –
A moment of weakness, a wrench in the plan.
Strolling in, as if invited, through the door.

Steadily growing; making its presence known –
It begins to paint the sky, muting its colour,
Hiding the light, while it perches upon the throne.

Watch as the smiles fades &the laughter cease-
It’s ravenous, taking pleasure by the droves,
A creature, in human, dare I call it a Beast?

Once it’s reached its fill, there I lay: remains.
A shell of a forgotten time, forgotten smile-
The distorted collection of tears, fears; stains.

Thrown away, like trash &left alone to roam,
I lay one bare sole in front of the other –
To wander the darkness, forever looking for a home.

Header Image: Plastic by Jean-Luc Almond

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