11:11 – Wishing on The Star of the Burdened

She wished that she was you.
Wished her skin was yours.
She wished your hair were hers,
Wanted eyes anew – hue not-
So dark, so different, so damned…
She wanted a love like yours.
Quiet those who shouted names.

She’d wished: please just one friend.
Who’d care to save her when-
She’d slowly sink within her mind.
She’d want them to care so deeply,
To help her to know love’s warmth.
She’d wished: please make her normal.
That she could smile, like the rest.
She wished her mind to quit-
End its plight against her soul.

Instead: she cried for herself.
Hiding away from their faces.
Instead: she screamed in her head,
Demanding the world to hear.
Instead: she wished that she was sleeping,
That life would end this game.
Instead: she longed to be loved.
Despite, the monster held inside.

15 Things Nobody Ever Tells You About Depression

‘Despite well-meaning friends and family, no one really knows what it’s like to live with depression until they’ve experienced it themselves. The invisible illness is often hard to pinpoint, even by those suffering from it. …’ – Maria Carter


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