Living with GAD, in a Noisy One-bedroom Apartment

We all feel uneasy from time to time, but few occasional sufferers ask: what’s it like to live with Anxiety; well I’ll tell you, he’s a messy roommate. Oh GAD, don’t get me started – since you’re here, here’s living with GAD, in a nutshell:

He’s an awesome roommate, honest- just in small doses. He’s the sort of guy who just lingers around too long &just HAS to know what you’re doing. I mean actually, just because I turn out the light &throw on my old chainsaw &hockey mask, doesn’t mean he has to throw a tantrum; he can be a little tense at times.

Oh! He’s up all hours of the night too – I mean seriously – he never sleeps. Last night I caught him pacing the living room; scared the life out of me. For a guy who essentially never leaves the house, you’d think he’d be a little less high strung.

Sometimes he’ll even throw music on when he’s feeling wired-, which is cool, but I have to remind him here &there to turn it down. The bass just beats you in the chest.

Great guy, though, he’s always got my back… my front &pretty much every direction you can think of. Just uh…don’t let him sneak up on you, the man has got some cold hands, need I say more?

To be frank, living with GAD took some getting used to: his high energy, his nosiness, and his cold hands – oh, definitely his cold hands, bro – &yet, I can honestly say it’s never a dull moment.


Inspiration: Mansions – NF
It’s a song about a man who built a mansion in his mind to shelter himself from his emotions. So I thought to myself, what would GAD be like as a roommate.

Thanks so much for reading!


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