I got to skip school again today,
Got to feel the wind whistle and blow.
I saw the trees do their dance and sway.
As if nature was putting on a show.
She danced for us, a special ballet.

Soon, the trees had all but gone
Giving way to buildings a plenty.
Still out the window, I did look on
They were everywhere, was just so many.
Trees changed, turn awe into a yawn.

Before long, the car came to a halt
And large letters came into view.
Arrived we had, though not my fault –
This was a place I never knew,
For broken kids; for me by default…

I’d always known I was different –
Always known that I was peculiar.
Within my eyes I was deficient,
But that didn’t make me cooler.
Suppose maybe it was my spirit…

A sense of adventure, a dose –
Of fear, I learned from my father,
That I was here to diagnose
Why my eyes couldn’t see further
But I enjoyed all things up close.

“Welcome to Sick Kids,” the nurse did say
The place for children to be repaired
“Please follow, please come this way.”
Off somewhere new, I was so scared
From my Daddy, I dared not stray.

“For this test, we must cover your eyes,
Prepare you for the darkness to come.”
Became a pirate; I wore a disguise –
Though darkness was odd, it made me glum.
These patches, I quickly learned to despise.

We had to wait, for my eyes to adjust
So off we went, doughnuts to be had
Upon my Daddy, I placed all my trust.
Was just him and me, for this I was glad.
That is until fear, caused me to mistrust.

Inside the queue, waited in unity
Released my hand, asked me to wait
Which sent my emotions into mutiny.
I could not see; my resolve did deflate
Overpowered by fear, to this no immunity.

I began to cry and call out his name,
“Daddy, Daddy, I don’t know where you are!”
As hastily he left, instantly he came,
“I’m here, I’m here, I hadn’t gone far,”
Quickly he found me, like part of a game.

With a hug, he told me not to cry,
“I would never leave you behind,”
This day still fresh, within my mind’s eye
Vivid, though I was temporarily blind.A moment of joy – followed by a sigh…

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