The Turn

It started with I do…
Or perhaps, started with you.
Across the room, I felt you there
Vigilantly I watched you sway
This game, simply child’s play
I needed you, &this affair…

Across the room I slowly crept
Outstretched – My hand you did accept.
Entranced, you held me in your gaze
Gradually, she’d gone; the crowd
No word uttered, not aloud –
You just set my heart ablaze.

Felt you there against my chest,
Sending my heart in pure distress.
I could feel you in my motion
They way you moved and spun –
Could feel the need, coming undone
Soon you’ll feel my pure devotion.

Hours passed, I knew my need
A growing mouth, I had to feed.
Come with me I’ll show you passion –
Torn shirt, slack pants, ripped dress,
I think it’s time I did confess
“I assure I’m not old fashion –
I want to trace your every line,
Feel our bodies intertwine.
Accept me now, as I am
I seek to please, to give you love
Say yes, I’ll show to what I speak of
For this is yours, my dear Madame.”

A well-placed kiss, a twisted moan,
“I smell you now, such sweet cologne
I’ll have you now my sweet dear.”
I’ve kissed you here, licked you there,
Your true need I did ensnare
Windows left open, for all to hear…

Hair pushed back, sheets entangled
Had thoughts of you, here strangled –
I shake my head, must concentrate,
I see you, your body, I caress,
Till I reach your sacred breasts
For it is you I’ll dominate.

I’ve reached a point of no return
What comes next, I forewarn –
Before I could complete the thought
A scratch and your nails is all it takes,
Trembling we begin our mistakes
It won, this feeling overwrought

Years passed, I have a son
How I dream of the midnight sun
No longer my sweet desire
A sinner, I have now become
A fresh need I do succumb
Of your presence I do tire.

I’ve waited longer than I wanted
By this idea, I was haunted.
The sight of you just laying here
Without so much as a breath inside
Laying still my dear bride
It’s time I make you disappear…

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