Set Sail

The sky – delicate as ocean’s blue –
Denotes the season, and its time
The feeling awaits; purely sublime.
Oh dear home, I bid adieu
For it’s time to begin anew.

The ocean it was meant for me,
An ample breadth to traverse
Oh my heart it does coerce –
Curtains rise and I’m at sea –
The torment of life has set me free.

The setting sun brings disbelief
Awestruck my heart is torn asunder,
Tearing through just like the thunder.
This moment has made me a thief,
Stealing in all its relief.

This newfound freedom beckons now,
My limbs they move without my say –
Still my heart, she does obey –
I’ve been summoned to the bow
This is me right here and now.

Just like that I choose to leap –
Exposed myself to ecstasy,
Since I’m living recklessly.
I just need to feel the deep
Forever this feeling, I shall keep.

Rested within my dreams of more,
With eyes open, I pray to see,
If this was, all it was meant to be.
But alas I awake a shore…
Seems my dream, was nevermore.


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