The Mourning 

The fog is heaviest in the morning,

Resting on me its dense cloud of solitude.
Bringing forth the rain…
It is then – when I realize the world has lost its colour,
It is then – when I realize that my lungs can’t fill with air,
It is then when I realize…
That I have lost my sight,
No visible sight of the end;
I’m drowning…
Sinking beneath the weight of despair.
I used to wish for happiness,
I used to wish to feel,
I used to wish I could be whole –
But now I just wish to be free.
Freedom, a most relative of terms.

Header Image : Gloomy Day by psiipilehto

3 thoughts on “The Mourning 

  1. Tokoni O. Uti March 27, 17 — 14:52

    Deeply moving.


      1. Tokoni O. Uti March 27, 17 — 15:10

        You’re welcome

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