I tried again today…
To string together the happy moments.

But every moment is wrapped in sadness,
With fake smile for a bow.

A gift I haven’t shared truthfully.
I see you smile and they way they laugh with you.
God, how I wish it could be me; Real.
But the sadness is terrifying,
So I keep everyone at bay.

Once I’ve unleashed my sadness,
I rescind into my darkness once more.
I run from the ones I love; a paradox this creates.

For I can’t trust myself alone, all the thoughts rush back.
And someone; a part of me long since locked away gets hurt.

1 thought on “Today

  1. things will get easier one day. just keep pushing and it’s okay to be sad. the past is the past. keep writing, the poems and journals will help you get your feelings down without talking to anyone. beautiful poem. you have great talent.


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