My World

My world is different than yours.
It’s sad, it’s small…

Yet a smile drifts across my lips,
I found a light; its bright … it’s warm.
I can feel it, feel it as it wraps around me.
I felt its warmth so I held on tight.
Too tight, it burns. But I can’t let go.

I can’t be cold again; the cold was unbearable.

I wouldn’t change it for the world,
Not even my world.
I know it needs to burn bright,
I know it will burn if I get too close.

Yet I can’t stand back,
It’s enticed me, entranced me, kept me.

Kept me warm when I needed it most.
But holding it so tight left me lost.
Lost in a world of my creation.
I didn’t know how to survive my world without it.

But you see, I need not be afraid.
I have hit the bottom,
I know how it felt on my skin.
The painful gratification it gave…

I just want to be able to touch the light,
To hold it, to keep it lite.
But I know now, holding on too tight will soon put it out.

I must learn to live a life where the light is my warmth,
Not my world.

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