I knew.

My world is different than yours –
You see.
I’m an object of elation –
Never me.
Perhaps this world is of my creation,
A place created of pure temptation.
Tempted to feel whole and loved,
But to the side I am shoved.
I know only how to make you smile…
If only for a little while.

I believe I am meant to be,
But with your heart surely I plea.
To let me feel like I belong,
Before it all goes wrong.

A plan I have to the end,
A world I was born to defend.
I see now it was not meant for me,
But for the others, I do agree.

Take care my friends &don’t pretend.
To miss me now that I ascend.
I will always be here for you,
I learned my fate; this I always knew.

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