A Funny Thing

Alcohol is a funny thing;
It makes you wish, believe &consort.
Travel the line until you find,
The deals we make are just for sport.
Telling lies about where we wish we were,
Causing confusion, while we live in a blur,
Full of unimaginable fear.

But you see this liquid is a joke,
Treating us to a game of wits;
As we try to remember the words we spoke.
Till we hear, how are you feeling?”
Or “how was your night?”

For now …
It impedes me as I try to write.
Though giving accurate insight.

I’ve learned…
For some, it’s liquid courage; liquid fun.
Giving us the strength to point the gun,
At those who need us most,
As we turn them into ghosts.

So I leave you with one last thought,
Why do we binge for a night,
If all these memories are for naught.
To me, that just doesn’t seem right.
But what do I know, it was just a thought.

Header : Teun Hocks

8 thoughts on “A Funny Thing

  1. This is insightful conceptually and powerful structurally. It has an air of introspection grounded by a sense of wisdom. It has a stream-of-consciousness feel to it too. I think the most intriguing part of the poem is that it speaks so profoundly of the human condition, and human flaws, while only directly addressing the most commonplace example of our flaws– alcohol. The escapism and apathy of people is underscored by a particular depressant, making it all the more accessible.


    1. Thank you for your kind words.
      This poem is my perception of alcohol &the ridiculous notion that it can be blamed for anything we do while under it’s influence.


      1. Yeah, I hate it when people try to pass off their actions as okay with the excuse “I was drunk” or “I drank a lot.” In my opinion, we are all still accountable for our actions. I feel like telling them “If you can’t make good decisions, then don’t drink so much!”


      2. I agree. That should be more mainstream… That alcohol does not change us


      3. Preach. lol
        People can’t admit to their actions so they find a way to “explain” it away.


      4. I know girls who drink just so that they can hook up with guys and blame it on alcohol. It’s pathetic.


      5. I just feel they are not open enough about their sexuality to own what they are doing. I mean, men are about as open as you can get… &as every girl who is of age would know… They DEFINITELY own it.


      6. that’s true. I see how that works. Society being the way it is.


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