An entity that sucks energy from its surroundings.
A being that runs you dry.
A creature that must feed to ensure its survival.

A parasite, the definition of those who use others for their own gain.
But little did I know till now, that I, am that very parasite.

Needy, the way my emotions are when then consume my consciousness.
For they devour my every thought,
Leaving me broken &empty.
So I lean, lean on those around me,
Looking for support for my very mind; for my being cannot withstand the force of the thoughts – fierce.
My very being envelops the passion of my emotion,
All the while fighting to put out the flame.

I burn through those around me,
Trying to lessen the blow.
Trying to over come my suffering.
Trying, to douse the flame.

But I am a parasite,
I cannot live on my own – I’ve tried.
All it does is drive my crazy…
For my mind cannot contain the fire,
My heart cannot live without burning,
My body will not survive the heat.

My skin can only contain the fire,
While it burns from the inside out.
I am, you are … I need.
To pass on my curse, for it’s the only way…
The only way to strengthen my being
To keep me from burning from the inside out.

I apologize for all I’ve done,
But until I learn to lessen the burn of my inner most thoughts,
I must burn those around me,
Using them as safe for my depraved heart,
My depraved thoughts,
My depraved feelings.
I must use them as protection,
Use them to contain the flame.

I beg of you,
Reach out &touch me.
Give me your strength,
Allow me to suck you dry that I may fight to live,
To learn to tame, my flame.

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