The Underhanded Perception of What You See

What am I to you?
I am the swing in my hips,
The curve of my lips,
The bounce in my –

Have I not earned my rights to be-
To believe that I am more than,
A means to your end.

Maybe I’ll wash your car,
Bath my breasts in sudsy water?

Prove to you that I…We are
Judged on the swing of our hips,
Never for what comes through our lips.
Seen as emotional; unstable… As women.

We are a lesser being,
Subject to objectification
For your gratification.

I will not stand for these words.
I’ll remove your delight-
In watching us on our knees,
Seeking only to please.

For now,
My eyes remain shut- tightly.
Refusing your embodiment of what I am,
Being told how to be me – we; us.



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