Onslaught of Fear

Upon thy table I lay still, trying hard to get my fill
No matter how much I try, I feel as though I’m going to die

It’s like I can’t inflate my lunges, may as well be speaking in tongues
For you can’t hear the sounds I spout, begging still to find my way out.

I can see the world around, falling in a spiral towards the ground
As light begins to dissipate, I feel my mind gravitate
Towards an end I truly fear, but has always whispered in my ear.

I know now it never lasts, it’s filled with memories of the past.
They flood my mind, &hasten my heart…
Making me long for my counterpart.

Someone who’s seen me at my worst,
&seen me fall almost head first …
Waiting there to lend a hand, &help me once again to stand.


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