I Raise my Hands

Take your hands and raise them, raise them till your questions are answered!

How can we be a world devoid of feeling for our fellow man?

Why do I feel the hate within my heart, yet it’s so easy for you to speak hate.
I hear your words but I refuse to listen… you can’t kill me.

Not the real me, not the soul that longs to be what/who I am … when I want to be

So I hold my hands high, forever asking questions…

How can we fall into a sky so blue? Simple. The sky became our ocean, when the heavens began to cry for the lost souls of this world.

When we drowned in our own selfishness.

We, the people; an empty race of objects, for we renounced our humanity.

I want nothing more than to share, feel that moment, to fall in love again.

I want to share my love, my happiness and my energy with the world

May you never feel sadness again…

I just have my questions to ask then, I swear I’ll take my leave

How can we drown in a sky so blue?
When I am so full of love for this world; wishing nothing more than to protect the people I love

I want the best for you, you deserve better than you’ve had.

I give myself to protect you, if only to give you one last smile.

I won’t leave you on your own; I’ll hold my hand high reaching,
Forever reaching, if only to connect with you.

I give you my love, I give you my heart, I give you myself.

Love this world, for we are all we have.

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