“My Life is as it should be”

Unfocused eyes, I want to give you reason, to see your future too, can be in season.

The world around, it bears not weight to words that lay in wait,
I’ve wanted to say them since that day, so here they are no more delays…

I knew it still that first day, that this boy was hear to stay,
A simple soul looking for its place, or maybe just for a spot in the human race
His eyes I saw were honest and true, they held no lies, just hid the blues.

Of a past filled with sadness and hate, and punishments meant to deflate.
But you see the soul could not be broken, it’s open now, even more outspoken
This boy I meet holds the innocents of love, a gift to those around, as though from above

I wish this boy would see what I see; I wish your mind, it to be free.
I pray not for your heart of hearts, for upon my heart it did impart…
Your heart of hearts is loyal, your heart of hearts is pure… you yourself, were made to endure.
Life as it is may try to beat you, but I know now it will never defeat you.

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