It’s Never Over When you Dream…


We live our day-to-day lives, &we forever wish moments would never end, that moments couldn’t last forever.

That first moment, when you realize how much you loved ice cream, your first kiss; your first, love…

Yet, how quickly we’d say that we never wanted these moment, lashed out about these moments… treated these moments like forgotten, memories.

 Luckily, we never forget, for our mind, that wonderful captain, knows more than we will ever remember.

Thoughts, moments, memories; triggered by reoccurring images or feelings

Reoccurring because they follow us into our dreams, for in our dreams, we can relive these moments.


I choose to trust my dreams, dreams that I will, that I can find the happiness I once took for granted.

But a word of caution to this tale, for not every moment means to be remembered, not every instance yearns to be relived.

But our mind, it never forgets, no, it knows more than we wish to know.

Our moments; whether they posses the positivity of change or the negativity of disaster, we are to remember…

It’s Never Over When You Dream.

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