Mismatched Socks

5/1/13 3:47 PM

Ever do you laundry and have trouble finding matching socks ?

Wonder where they could have gone, when you &I both know, you put them in together?

Did you ever stop to think that they are where they are supposed to be?

Let me tell you a story about mismatched socks;

They aren’t lost waiting to found, they are alive, walking this world.

These socks know more, have seen more, than you will ever know.

They have been around the world enough times to know, that you can’t just put two things that look alike together &expect them to be happy.

No, never, not how life it meant to be.

You are meant to find your perfect opposite that one that is going to push you, make you move in a way that will allow you to break free.

Now you see, these socks, they have holes, but this does not make them old or garbage, no.

No, this makes them wise.

Wise enough to know that you are, they are, we are, moving.

Moving into a time where mismatched socks are okay, a time where we can finally be.

So if you ask me if I wear mismatched, socks I say, yes, yes…


For I used to be well matched &that only made me miserable.

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